What Girl Scouts Taught Me

My expertise on this topic is having been a Girl Scout Daisy (Kindergarten) through Ambassador (Senior Year). Nash can attest to this as being my buddy all the way through. I still don’t know how she put up with me….lol. so without further ado….

What I thought was important when I learned it:

  • learning how to build a fire, to this day I can still boil a Dixie cup of water in under 5 minutes
  • every way possible to start a fire (well this would actually be helpful if I was a arsonist and unfortunately I’m not)
  • pitching a tent and rolling up sleeping bags- ended up having to do it for every Fucking one
  • all those cute rhymy songs

What was actually Important:

  • learning how to handle rejection (ie when people ignore you trying to sell them cookies outside of Albertsons, a polite no thank you could suffice)
  • learning to cook in a dutch oven, in a solar oven made with tin foil
  • how to recognize poison oak, I have friends who, in high school (as seniors mind you) were so badly afflicted that they had to stay home, eyelids swelled shut and it was all over their private sensitive parts
  • lashing- I can make anything with rope and wood
  • organizing big events and people, making big things into manageable parts

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