OK, so there are soooo many lists out there that tell you ‘bring this’ or ‘bring that’ and I’m not here to tell you any of that.  Half the stuff on those lists won’t fit in your cars or single suitcase if you decide to attend college out of state.  I’m here to list a bunch of crap that really helped me SURVIVE my first year at college…..

  1. A big metal water bottle
    • Cuz this shit’s indestructible and it’s expensive and takes time to buy plastic
    • You will drink more water than you ever have in your entire life
    • Helps with your hangovers!- bring it to your parties
  2.  Drying rack
    • I never dry bras or spandex workout clothes ( it will stretch and degrade cloth and ruin the metal in your bras
    • Here’s a good one for $17!
  3.  A GREAT pillow
    • it will be your best friend
    • and you can cry into it when you can’t find your goddamn roommate!
  4. Comfy shoes and I don’t mean Uggs or ‘sloppy soled’ shoes- I mean GOOD walkin’ shoes